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Since 2013, the burger market has exploded. In France alone, 30 burgers are sold every second. Starred chefs and fast food companies are constantly developing creative burger recipes.

Faced with a saturated market, we tried to find a real innovative answer. As meat specialists and restaurateurs, we realized that changing the sauces or offering well-known butcher’s meat weren’t enough. 2 years of research and development with our Chefs and members of Giraudi Creative Meats were required to create a range of tailor-made burgers and a turnkey concept: choose your burger size, your stuffed or blends beef, its exclusive “GBB Cream” sauce and the unique “GBB heavenly bun” to make THE perfect burger.

In order to answer a request of innovation in terms of taste, we have observed for a long time the .... of burgers and we did … the opposite! Indeed, chefs rely on the good quality of the meat, the bread and differentiate their burgers with a wide variety of toppings. We chose a good bread and… a wide variety of meats combined with unique sauces. This feature magnifies the flavor of each burger, at every bite.

To satisfy Chefs, restaurateurs and clients, Gourmet Boutique Burgers offers quality, diversity and accessibility and positions itself far from traditional ground beef.

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What is inside ?

1. Heavenly Bun

Soft & crispy

2. Yummi sauce

Sophisticated & unique eating experience

3. Signature Blends & Butcher’s Blends

Selected meats from the best cattle, 100% muscle

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